Add-on Portal

An advance portal helps to communicate clearly with the rest of the organization…


Are there many of you that are going to take part in the competitive intelligence work?

Cooperate and share the knowledge within the organization with a Competitive Intelligence Portal.

In the standard-version it is simple to add a monitoring page to an existing intra-net or homepage. An advance portal helps communicate clearly to the rest of the organization what the media monitoring accomplishes and to draw from this collected knowledge effectively.

A news portal can contain the following:

  • Result from the agents that the administrator chooses to publish via for instance: XML, RSS or HTML for integration with your own systems, intranet or portals, for example. NewsTicker.
  • Tabs (articles over time / county / newspaper / source / relevance),
  • MultiMail directly from the portal (Readers can choose to receive mail alerts directly from the portal).
  • Log-in possibilities for users in the portal with the option to create their own agents,
  • Creation of sub-pages for higher flexibility in search terms, categories and so on.
  • Personal start-page for every register user,
  • The possibility for administrators to print out a RSS-flow per agent in the portal for publishing on Intra-net pages, personal use, homepages and so on.
  • The ability to get statistics over the number of visitors/pageviews per day and month.
  • See which articles are the most read, which sources and agents get the most hits.
  • Moderator functionality, (user can choose wich articles to publish),
  • The possibility for the administrator to publish their own news in the portal and link news to the intra-net,
  • Five development-hours included

The portal can also integrate with third-party material via FTP- or XML-import.