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Access a comprehensive database of media contacts. Complete it with relevant journalists and channels that you find using our AI tool MyCroft.

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Discover NewsMachine’s extensive contact database for journalists with access to tens of thousands of current recipients. It allows you to find relevant journalists through free text searches or various filters. You can also use ready-made lists based on topic, media type, editorial board, region, etc.

Based on the lists, database, and MyCroft searches, you can create personalized recipient lists, tailored to your specific needs. NewsMachine lists and contacts can also be supplemented with your own lists and contacts. It is easy to upload lists or add individual contacts and create a structure of lists for different purposes.

    Keep your media contacts synchronized with our continuously updated lists.

    Stay one step ahead:

    Our platform ensures that your lists are always up to date and are automatically updated when contacts change roles, publications or areas of coverage. You do not have to manually update lists and can be sure that you always reach the right people.

    Create dynamic lists with ease:

    Customize media lists effortlessly. Whether for a specific campaign or a particular topic, you can quickly and easily compile lists of the most relevant journalists for your needs.

    Smooth cooperation for more effective PR:

    Enable your team to collaborate effectively. Share media lists, assign contacts and write internal profile notes. This improves collaboration and ensures that everyone in the team has the same information.

    Simplified journalist coverage:

    Keep track of your favorite journalists effortlessly. Get real-time notifications when they publish new articles or engage on social media. You never miss an important article or an opportunity to engage with selected journalists.

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    Assess your word choice and find target audiences for your messages.


    Create a distribution list to display the list of media contacts.


    Search by keyword, county, media type, or publication.

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    Discover relevant media contacts!

    MyCroft is NewsMachine’s proprietary AI tool that finds the right media contacts for your press releases. MyCroft analyzes the content of your draft press release and matches it to journalistic texts. The matching process generates a list of suggestions of journalists who have previously reported on topics contained in your press release.

    MyCroft was launched in 2016 as part of our press release distribution service. NewsMachine was the first to introduce an AI tool that helps communicators find relevant audiences based on the content and message of their communications.

    NewsMachine’s latest implementation of AI technology is called SmartMonitoring – a groundbreaking upgrade to traditional media monitoring. SmartMonitoring is a brand-new feature that allows you to train and optimize your search profiles using AI. Through simple actions like giving a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to articles, searches become dynamic and the search engine is continuously calibrated to find information that is in line with your specific needs. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, you get media coverage that is both personalized and accurate.

    NewsMachine has been at the forefront of technological development since its inception in 2002 – all functionality is developed and owned by NewsMachine. The advantage for you as a customer is that we as a company listen to your needs and wishes and include them in our development plan.

    See MyCroft in action