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Business intelligence

It pays to keep an eye on what’s going on around you

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time insights.
Drive strategic growth with advanced analytics.
Navigate market trends with confidence.
Empower your decisions with data-driven intelligence.

Follow trends and events. We help you structure your business intelligence.

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What do we monitor?

NewsMachine aims to monitor external factors that influences a company’s activities. Most people spontaneously associate these external factors with the company’s competitors and customers. We believe the world is bigger and more complex than that. Competitors and customers are only part of what you need to keep your eyes on. It is equally important to monitor suppliers, partners, regulatory and legal constraints, and much more. It is important to bear in mind that these environmental factors cannot be completely decoupled from other factors. Everything is interconnected and influences each other. And relationships between these factors are constantly changing. The world around us is dyanmic – in transformation every day. Events influence each other and constantly change the map. We can compare this to politics, where the arena is constantly changing in response to shifts in public opinion.

NewsMachine’s tool for Business intelligence

Business intelligence is the systematic gathering of information about the outside world in order to position the organization, its products, and services. With NewsMachine’s tools for Business intelligence, you can identify issues that can affect your business and market conditions.


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How you can work with business intelligence


– Start by assessing your organization’s information needs. When you know what you want, and the information you need, you can create agents/searches for this.


– The organization’s operational target groups and decision-makers benefit from receiving regular updates about the external environment. For example, in the form of daily reports.


– Analysis ultimately aims to create an accurate picture of how mechanisms in the surrounding change over time, and what impact they have on the organization.


– Use feedback from the recipients of both analysis reports as well as continuous monitoring to adapt and improve your Business intelligence.

Examples of how to use Business intelligence

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Follow your industry and your competition

Keep track of what is important to you. With NewsMachine’s system for Business intelligence, you can find the information you need. With a clear picture of what is happening, you will reach your goals. With the right information, you can make better decisions.

Crisis management

Our alert function gives you early information. With rapid monitoring, you can see early signals if something is wrong and take the initiative. If your organization is subject of negative media attention, it is important to act quickly. For example, we can offer text message alerts on specific searches to give you a head start.


Find and follow trends

Our tools help you find the right information. Draw a world map and monitor what is relevant to you. We help you bring structure and context in a way that makes sense to you. We help you turn this into precise searches that give you the information you want. This means that we help you create optimal searches so that you get the maximum benefit from your monitoring. We also help you set up the reporting system so as to enusre that your entire organization is informed.

Inside –the organization and everything related to it

Local world – customers, partners and suppliers

Environment – Interest rates, Technology, Economy, Politics


All prices below are per month and per product, excluding VAT.

More information about media monitoring

Read more about what is included, and compare the different subscription models.

Web media
Local government
Government agencies
Social Media
International monitoring
Search agentsBasicStandardEnterprise
Number of MediaAgents299Unlimited
Number of keywords per agent1099Unlimited
Monitor any URL
Monitoring Social Media
Reporting toolBasicStandardEnterprise
Reports per day199Unlimited
Number of recipients of reports199Unlimited
Create advanced report settings
Schedule reports
Reports in real time via email or text messages
Pause reports
Report when the the number of articles exceeds a certain number over a certain time
Personal RSS feed
Moderated NewsFeed in RSS / XML / JSONOptional
API accessOptional
Tools for analysisBasicStandardEnterprise
Smart ReportOptional
Automatic tonalityOptional
QuickTagger for fast manual qualitative analysisOptional
Export of hits and DashboardOptional
Monitoring PortalBasicStandardEnterprise
External portal for 100K + usersOptional
Retrieving hits from NewsMachineOptional
Retrieving material from payment services and internal sourcesOptional
Self-service email for the entire organizationOptional
Moderation of reports in portals and e-mailOptional
Connection / Integration with your intranetOptional
Knowledge bank
Consulting hours115
PriceSEK 1 075 / monthOfferOffer