Competitive Intelligence and Media monitoring

Don’t let the world pass you by

Keep track of your surroundings

A changing world can involve both threats and opportunities – in any case, it is important to keep it under surveillance. With NewsMachine’s tools for external and media coverage, you can identify factors early on that affect your business and change the conditions for your planning. NewsMachine covers all open Swedish news sources on the internet and social media.

Of course, we help you create optimal search strings so that you get the maximum benefit from your monitoring. If necessary, you can also choose to monitor public documents from county councils, municipalities, the government and the Riksdag. With the Site Agent function, you can set up monitoring on individual websites.

Work smart

We are in the forefront of AI-development in the industry with out tools like SmartReport, that swiftly and automatically summarizes and presents the most relevant information of an article

Quickest service

Our service has the shortest delay between new information being published and it being delivered to you.

Complete service selection

We offer a suite of all the services you need to assist your PR-work. All in one login for the markets most affordable price.

Smart Report

One of NewsMachine’s features that builds on AI-tech, with it’s aid you can quickly generate a summary of the contents of articles that normally are behind a paywall.

It’s important not to discount the value in being able to understand the history behind a question, NewsMachine’s media archive is ideal for this. It reaches as far back as 2004 and contains circa 10 million articles that are open and available for free text searching.

When the monitoring is in place it is a good idea to structure and analyze the material that the searches have accumulated. NewsMachine provides a number of features to help you with this. Read more

NewsMachine Dashboard

NewsMachine Dashboard is another tool in our AI suite. It offers a myriad of possibilities when it comes to analysis, producing graphs, word clouds and the analysis of tonality.

NewsMachine offers two different solutions for Competitive Intelligence depending on the needs that exist in your organization. Here you can see our prices and what the different solutions entail. Read more

Add-on Portal

Are there many of you that are going to take part in the competitive intelligence work? Cooperate and share the knowledge within the organization with a Competitive Intelligence Portal. In the standard-version it is simple to add a monitoring page to an existing intra-net or homepage. An advance portal helps communicate clearly to the rest of the organization what the media monitoring accomplishes and to draw from this collected knowledge effectively. Read more


All prices below are per month and per product, excluding VAT.

More information about Competitive Intelligence

Read more about what is included and compare the different subscriptions.


Source channels Basic Standard Enterprise
Web media
Social Media
International monitoring
Search agents Basic Standard Enterprise
Number of MediaAgents 2 99 999
Keywords per agent 10 99 99
Monitor custom URL
Monitoring of Social Media
Report tools Basic Standard Enterprise
Reports per day 1 99 999
Amount of report recipients 1 99 999
Create advanced report settings
Schedule reports
Reports in real time via email or SMS
Pause real-time report
Report when the activity exceeds a certain amount over time
Personalized RSS feed
Moderated NewsFeed in RSS / XML / JSON Add-on
API access Option
Analysis tools Basic Standard Enterprise
Dashboard Option
Smart Report Option
Automatic tonality Option
QuickTagger for quick manual qualitative analysis Option
Export of hits and Dashboard Option
World Portal Basic Standard Enterprise
External portal for 100K + users Option
Retrieve hits from NewsMachine Option
Retrieve material from premium services and internal sources Option
Self-service email for the entire organization Option
Moderation of hits in portal and e-mail Option
Integration with intranet Option
Support Basic Standard Enterprise
Knowledge Base
Consultation hours 1 15
Price SEK 999 / month SEK 1895 / month Offer