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Create Dashboard

Newsmachine offers a couple of different options for creating and exporting analytics for your agents.


Dashboard is our most flexible and powerful tool for creating a report that is tailored to your needs. If you just want to quickly create a simple report, you can scroll down and test one of our standard templates.

Creating a Dashboard

To create a new Dashboard,

  • Click Dashboard in the top menu
  • Click “Manage Dashboards” in the left menu
  • Click “Create new dashboard”
  • Select the name of the Dashboard
  • Press “Create Dashboard”

Add new graphs / pictures

  • Click Dashboard in the top menu
  • Click “Edit Dashboard” in the left menu
  • Press the “Create New Widget” button
  • Select the type of widget you want to create
  • Choose what data you want the widget to contain, which can be results from agents, saved clips from the clipping archive or previously performed automatic analyzes.
  • As soon as you have selected data, a number of options will appear depending on the choice of Widget type and data.
  • If you have selected “Type of widget” Diagram and data from an agent, you will see the following options.
  • Display format
    • Choose the look of your graph, such as pie charts or columns.
  • Period
    • Select time period to display
    • Click once to select the start date, again to select the end date and last used to save the selected Period.
  • Title
    • Add any descriptive text
  • Show distribution above
    • Agent
    • Country
    • Category
    • Media channel
    • County
    • Language
    • Source
  • Summarize hits on
    • Number of hits (default)
    • Scope
    • Ad value
    • Edition
  • Group on
    • Choose which time period you want to sum up
  • Tap save to save your new Widget in the open Dashboard.
A new Widget has been added to the Dashboard
  • If you already have many graphs / images in the Dashboard, you may need to scroll down to see the new one.
  • You can add any number of Widgets to a Dashboard by following the steps above.
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