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Create News Reports

Newsmachine offers a flexible news reporting system where you can share the results of your agents with optional recipients.


The first thing you should do is add some recipients, go to recipients and click add, fill in the email address, and hit save. Repeat the step for all the contacts with whom you want to share the news report.

Go to Reports and tap create. Enter the name of your Report, will be visible to anyone who receives the report. So use something clear, for example Weekly Report My company

When – Delivered

Here you choose how often you want the reports to be delivered.

  • When it happens – recommended for critical events that require immediate response, however, it is usually a good choice to collect hits for 5 or 10 minutes to avoid having the inbox filled with one email per hit.
  • Alert – More sophisticated variant of “When it happens” where you can choose to only receive reports as a lot of material appears during a time interval. Select the minimum number of hits and the number of minutes to measure.
  • Scheduled – Best suited for most people, a daily morning report with daily news for example.

Once you have chosen a time for the news report, it is time to choose the content and recipient. If you want to use the same settings as for another report, for example to send the same report both in the morning and in the evening, you can choose to link with another report and then save.

Who – Groups and recipients

Otherwise, you select the previously added recipients in the menus, you can select any combination of both groups and recipients.

What – Agents

Choose which agents to hit from, can be any number.

Press save and you’re done!

If you only want to share selected articles instead of the entire feed, you can use the option “Send only published hits” under advanced report settings . Then only the hits that you have chosen to publish are sent from the inbox

If you want to know more, feel free to read more about our advanced reporting options.

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