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Export analysis

Newsmachine offers a number of different options when exporting search results and analyzes. Review the options below to see what works best for you. We are constantly looking for new ways to create insights with the help of our tools, if you have an idea, do not hesitate to contact us.

Export via Report Template

The fastest way to create analytics is to use one of our classic report templates. They offer a compact display of key metrics and export to Word (docx) file.

  • Click “Analysis” in the top menu
  • Click “Create Statistics” in the left menu
  • Select report template
    • Standard contains
      • Advertising over time
      • Distribution by media type
      • Distribution by country
      • Distribution by county
      • Distribution per source (Top 10)
      • Advertising per source
    • Advanced contains
      • Analysis of press clippings
    • Standard incl. (reach / ad value) contains
      • Same as Standard
      • Scope
      • Ad value
  • Select agents and / or folders with Press Clip
  • Select start date and end date
  • Channels
    • Select channels that you want to include / exclude
  • Advanced settings
    • Group meetings at different time intervals daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
    • Change whether the number of hits should be counted per unique hit or per total number of hits
  • Click update to view the report
Preview of a Standard Report with three agents selected

Export of Dashboard

If you have already created a Dashboard via our guide , you can easily export it via our export tool.

  • Click “Dashboard” in the top menu
  • Click “Export” in the left menu
Our guide for exporting reports (dashboards)

The process consists of four simple steps

  • Select Custom Report (Dashboard) or one of our standard reports by clicking.
Step 1 of the Export Wizard with a Custom Report selected
  • For standard reports, you can select any number of agents (at least 1)
Report where you can select any number of agents
  • Select date range
Step 3: Select the start date and end date for the analysis
  • Select file format and download
Choose between Word (docx), Excel (xlsx) and PDF format and then press “Download report”
  • If there are searches for agents that are not yet complete, you will see a warning here and tips on action. For example, if you want to create an analysis back to 2018 but have only done a reverse search for 2019, you need to redo and wait for the search to be completed.
Example of warning: the search for the agents “Automatic Analysis” and “Almedalen” is not available in the selected time period.
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