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Get started with press releases and press rooms

It is very easy to get started using the press release service and administer photos and press rooms. If you are a user of both surveillance and press releases, you will enter “Machine” when you log in, which is the admin interface for our external surveillance service.

Add picture in press room

Click on the “PRESS” tab in the header to get to PressMachine. If you are only a Pressmachine customer, you will end up directly in the press mailing tool.

Then click on “New press release” and you will enter the view where you can write or copy the press release in the title, introduction and body text fields.

To receive logos and pictures in the mailing, upload them under “Pictures” in the menu on the left. In the same way, you also post other things under the respective heading such as “Press contacts”, “Boiler Plate”, “Documents” etc. It can then be included in the mailing in the press release editing view. Alternatively, you upload this directly from your computer.

Send press release

Once you have received the text, image and other material on site, you can go to “Preview” at the bottom to see what the mailing will look like. When you are satisfied with the result, you can either send the press release directly or schedule the mailing so that it goes away later. It is also possible to save everything as a draft to resume work later.

Keep in mind that everything you upload to the system is hidden by default. If you want press releases, pictures and other material to be visible and searchable in the press room, select “Visible” at the bottom.

Create mailing lists

To create mailing lists, you can choose between different options or combine them. Under “Distribute” in the left margin, you can select ready-made public lists or you can use the “Contact directory” and compile a list based on, for example, topic tags, media type or free text search. It is also possible to import your own lists – these will then be available only to you.
Use Mycroft

“Mycroft”, which is also available under “Distribute”, is our AI tool tool that matches the content of your press release and suggests journalists who have previously written about topics related to your press release. Based on the results that the tool presents, you can create new lists or add contacts to existing lists.

Read a more detailed description of the press release service, the various functions and Mycroft in the manual. There you can, for example, see how you can spread the press release on social media or share it on these channels afterwards.

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