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Save hits / clips

If you want the opportunity to perform more advanced analysis, it is a good idea to save your hits from your agents in self-defined folders. This enables manual tagging of things such as tonality, actor, message, etc. You can then use that information when creating reports.

Create folder

  1. Go to Analysis => My Folders
  2. Press Create
  3. Enter the appropriate name and press create

Add clips

From the inbox

Hits from the inbox can be stored in an analysis folder by using the hit menu in the inbox.

inbox menu
Inbox with the hit menu highlighted

Click save in archive in the hit menu and then select the folder you defined above and any tags.

Quick tagging

If you need to go through large amounts of material, we recommend our tool for quick tagging.

  1. Go to Analyze => Analyze.
  2. Select agent
  3. Select folder
  4. Select time period
  5. Scroll through the list and select the tag or check the include box to save without tags.
  6. Press save to confirm.

Custom tags

If you want to define your own tags in addition to the predefined ones, go to Analysis => My Tags. Tap create tag or edit any of the existing ones.

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