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Media analysis – for a holistic view of publicity

What is written about your organization?

Is it positive or negative?

Who sets the agenda?

Where is the publicity?

Metrics and KPIs for media analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurable values that help you steer toward and meet your objectives. By selecting and defining the KPIs that fit your company’s communication plan and using them in your media analysis, you can steer your work in the right direction – and measure your success.

NewsMachine’s analytics tool is powerful and flexible and allows you to work with both ready-made and custom metrics and KPIs.

It is a good idea to make your KPIs SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Relevant and Timely), just like your communication objectives and plan.

We help you create your own KPIs and metrics and get started with a media analysis that answers important questions and helps you develop.

Qualitative and quantitative media analysis

Media analysis is a good tool to get an overview of your publicity. For example, a quantitative analysis measures volume (number of articles). Quantitative analyzes are produced mainly automatically.

A qualitative analysis measures more difficult issues such as tonality, positive/negative and message. Qualitative media analysis is done manually by one of our experienced media analysts or by our AI systems. You can also conduct media analysis yourself using our tool, or with the support of our professional analysts.


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Media analysis is different depending on the client’s needs and circumstances. The volume of publicity and the complexity of the issues are decisive for the scope. The analysis can cover both editorial and social media.

Make an annual plan for your media analysis

The overall purpose may be to monitor your organization. But we recommend working in a structured way. Here is an example of how you can work with media analysis.

Daily: email summary

Monthly: Quantitative report or AI-generated qualitative media analysis.

January: Annual summary conducted/reviewed by analysts with presentation and recommendations.


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Here are some of the analytics services NewsMachine offers:

Current Situations Analysis – what image is conveyed by your organization today?

Campaign Analysis – what impact do your communication campaigns have?

Quarterly / half-yearly analysis – how does the media image of your organization evolve over time?

Target Group Analysis – who do you want to reach and where do you reach them?

Industry/topic analysis – who are the key players & issues in a particular field?


The purpose of media analysis

The primary purpose of media analysis is often to create a broad overview of your publicity and to get a record of the success of your communication efforts and to evaluate the outcome and compare it with your communication objectives. To quote Werner von Siemens “Measuring is knowing” ( Messen ist Wissen ).

With the media analyses, you also get answers on how the media image corresponds with the communication plan. Furthermore, they highlight the factors that drive your visibility in media reporting, which representatives should be visible in the media and how your communication work can be developed.

Our experienced analysts can also provide advice and challenge your established views.


Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)

Ad Value Equivalence AVE is used in public relations to measure the economic value of media coverage of a public relations campaign. AVE measures the amount of media coverage, how it was placed and calculates the equivalent advertising value for similar exposure.

To ensure that the calculations are relevant, multipliers can be added to the equation. PR professionals often use multipliers in the range of 3 – 10.

Long experience in media analysis

NewsMachine has worked with media analysis since its inception in 2002 and today we have some of the industry’s most experienced media analysts.

Over the years, we have worked with authorities, organizations and companies and helped them evaluate and sharpen their communication efforts. These include a range of European government agencies.


Newsmachine AI Package

Here are some of our interesting additional services. The AI ​​engine My Mycroft ™, Dashboard and Smart Report ™. We have what it takes to work effectively with media analysis.