My Mycroft ™

NewsMachine uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make life easier

NewsMachine uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to make life easier for communicators, press officers, marketers and anyone working in PR sector. Press contacts are to a certain extend perishable wares – journalists come and go, quit and change jobs and interests all the time. That’s why keeping mailing lists updated and current can be a time consuming process. Using Mycroft you can quickly and easily identify the journalists that have recently written and reported on the questions and subjects that are important for your business. Thusly you can guarantee that the journalists on your mailing-list have a vested interest in the same thing as you and you’ll achieve a higher degree of precision in your mailings.

Find the right journalists with AI

Simply put, Mycroft can be described as a match-making engine between journalists and your established interests. You simply take the press release you have the intention of sending and let Mycroft analyze and match it against the media flow in a certain time-span. By manually tweaking which keywords should carry more or less weight, or be removed from the search entirely, the precision of you target audience can narrow even further. The analysis results in a list of journalists from the texts they have written in the time-span specified.


Of course you can easily go in and read these texts in list mode. After which you pick the journalists whose texts relate most to the topic of the chosen press release and then add these to your distribution lists or you create new lists based Mycroft’s selection.

In PR- and Communication work there a rule of thumb is that there are no real shortcuts, quite the opposite, there’s a long hard road of persistent work to reach your audience. But with the help of Mycroft part of the way forward will be paved in express speed, freeing up time for you to refine strategy and content.