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NewsMachine is a leading provider of monitoring services for podcasts, radio and television. We use state-of-the-art AI to scan thousands of radio, TV and podcast broadcasts in Sweden for mentions of your brand, competitors or keywords.

What is Broadcast Media Monitoring?

Broadcast Media Monitoring involves systematically tracking and analyzing broadcast content from TV, radio stations and podcasts to gather valuable media monitoring information.

This includes recording, logging and reviewing broadcast material to keep you informed about the frequency and context of media mentions.

Broadcast monitoring software provides real-time insights and detailed analysis, which is crucial for making informed decisions. By keeping track of media coverage, you can measure the impact of your campaign, manage brand reputation and respond quickly to publicity.

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Why is it important to monitor broadcasts?

TV reaches millions of viewers daily, while radio and podcasts are important sources of news and entertainment for a large audience. Tracking platforms such as radio and podcasts is crucial to understanding what is being said about your organization or brand.

Despite the rise of online news, broadcast media remains one of the most influential forms of news distribution. Many people still rely on broadcast media to get news on the go.

Radio is particularly popular, partly because it allows citizens to express their views by calling in and participating in broadcasts.

With our service, you can monitor thousands of radio programs, TV broadcasts and podcasts simultaneously to discover what people are saying about the topics that matter to you.

Measure brand awareness: Broadcast Monitoring can help you track how often your brand is mentioned in the media. This can be a good indicator of how well known your brand is and how effective your marketing efforts are.

Identify trends and sentiment: By monitoring the sentiment of mentions in broadcasts, you can see if people are saying positive or negative things about your brand. This can help you identify areas where you need to improve or take advantage of positive trends.

Track competitor activity: Broadcast Monitoring can also be used to track your competitors’ media mentions. This can help you see what they say about themselves and their products or services, as well as how they are portrayed in the media.

Managing crises: Broadcast monitoring can help you identify potential crises at an early stage. For example, If a negative news item about your brand appears on the radio, you can quickly take action to address the problem and minimize the damage.

Newsmachine offers truly comprehensive broadcast monitoring services

We use the latest technology to scan thousands of radio, TV and podcasts in the UK and globally for mentions of your brand, competitors or keywords. NewsMachine also offers other news monitoring services such as web and social media monitoring. This gives you a comprehensive view of all media coverage of your brand from a single source.

Common uses in different industries


Assess the reach and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Public Relations

Monitor customer mentions and manage brand reputation.

Market research

Understand industry trends for strategic planning.

Competition analysis

Track competitors’ median presence to compare performance.