Monitor verbal media – Podd, TV & Radio

Monitor what is being said about your organization on digital platforms

We at NewsMachine are now adding a new proprietary feature that can find information in audio-based media. The new tool means that you as a user can search for your brands, organization names or topics and get hits when they are mentioned on TV, on the radio or in a podcast.

The first version of the service is a module that includes coverage of Swedish Television, Swedish Radio with local broadcasts and TV4. We are gradually adding more channels and modules to the coverage, such as podcasts and Youtube.

This new feature gives our customers a more complete coverage of the daily news flow. This means a breakthrough for many customers who try to follow what is said in different topics and who are not in text form.

Our unique coverage of streaming media, in combination with our existing services, gives you great opportunities to cover a much larger part of the Swedish media landscape, all in one tool.

Introductory offer

All new NewsMachine customers now have the opportunity to purchase streaming media coverage for only SEK 17,940 per year ( SEK 1,495 per month). This price applies to the first year. We will of course continuously supplement the offer and all new sources are included at no extra cost during the current agreement period.

In addition to Swedish media, we can also offer coverage of Nordic broadcast media.

Radio and TV coverage

  1. Coverage of spoken media from
        • Swedish Television
        • TV 4
        • Swedens radio
        • Internet TV
        • Surveillance of Swedish pods