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Press releases and Press rooms

Create & distribute press releases that make an impact

Maximize PR and communication with NewsMachine’s powerful press release, press room, and newsletter platform.

Do more in less time with our AI tools

With our innovative AI technology, creating press releases is now faster and easier than ever. Write a short text about what the press release should be about and see how our AI generates drafts in just a few seconds. Then use the next AI module Mycroft to find suitable recipients. Our tools give you more time to work strategically and think big.

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Find the right journalists with the smartest media database on the market

We offer the smartest media and journalist database on the market. Our patent-pending AI system Mycroft automatically updates the database every hour with new contacts. This is supplemented by a manual process for quality assurance.

Smooth PR – All services in one place

You can easily manage, send, and publish your press releases, newsletters, events, and surveys with our tools. You can use the AI tool Mycroft™ or our ready-made topic lists to find recipients. Mycroft is a tool that matches your press release to articles and lists journalists who have written related articles. You can then easily create optimized lists based on the AI suggestions.


Make it easy for journalists and others to find information with a press room (also known as a newsroom). With our service, you can easily create an attractive press room. There you can store your archive of historical press releases and press material in the form of images, videos, background facts, logos, and other documents. It acts as a shop window for journalists and makes the threshold low for journalists to find a high-resolution image or logo, for example. The press room can also be integrated into your own website with a simple code or API.

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NewsMachine uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to make life easier for communicators, press officers, marketers and anyone working in PR sector. Press contacts are perishable – journalists and writers come and go, changing jobs and interests. Keeping distribution lists updated and current is therefore a time-consuming challenge. We have the smartest AI system on the market that, together with human intelligence, delivers superior results.

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Own mailing lists

In our tool, you handle your mailings yourself and choose to whom and in which channels you want to spread your information, for example news agencies, newsrooms or individual journalists.

Journalists and newsrooms are sorted by the newsroom’s geographical coverage area, for example county, city or municipality. Sorting is also available by subject and area of interest.

We also offer international contacts and lists.


All prices below are per month and per product, excluding VAT.

More information on Press releases / Press room

Read more about what is included, and compare the different subscription models.

Press releasesBasicStandardEnterprise
Press releases per year8UnlimitedUnlimited
Create, edit and publish your press releases
Boilerplate – create one or more standard texts as a signature
Publish Events
View your organization’s press contacts
Link archive
attach document
Images – automatic handling of high-resolution images
Video – Uploading and storage
Podcasts – upload to us – publish on the Apple Store
Distribution and Distribution ListsBasicStandardEnterprise
Organize distribution lists in tree structure
Press machines Distribution lists for Sweden divided into counties
Press machines Distribution lists
Contact catalog – search among tens of thousands of journalists in our databasesLimited
Import contacts from Excel
Export contacts
TurboMan – the world’s fastest dispatch engine 1K / sec
MyCroft – Help find your target audienceOptional
MyCroft Report – Analyze and understand your target audienceOptional
Distribution Reports and Analysis
Distribution reports for press release8
PressMachine – Press room analysisLimited
Visitors and page viewsLimited
Most popular press releasesLimited
Integration with own Google Analytics
Press room at
Press room settings
Own graphic profile in the press room
Embedded press room with its own domain
Social media in the press room
Multilingual press room
Support for managing several organizations’ press rooms
Import of previously published material
API access for integration with own systems
Knowledge bank
Consulting hours115
Price1 075