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NewsMachine offers a wide selection of digital PR-tools. We strive to be a comprehensive supplier within these areas that can see to all your needs for Competitive Intelligence and Press communication. With great technical expertise within the company we constantly work on new services and work to improve the current ones. If you have ideas about how we can continue to push forward we are more than happy to take suggestions, in order to improve even further.

We believe in transparency and ask you therefore to not fill in your contact information in order to get a quotation from a predetermined estimate. Instead, we present our prices below, conspicuously and openly.


All the prices are per month and per product, excluding VAT.

Competitive Intelligence

NewsMachine Basic

  • 2 MediaAgent™ (search profiles) with 10 keywords per agent.
  • Access to NewsMachine’s article archive.
  • Coverage of circa 180 Swedish newspapers in PDF-format
  • Coverage of social media
  • Coverage of Swedish and Nordic media as well as chosen international sources
  • One news report daily to one address
  • Analysis tool
  • Free support

NewsMachine Basic 995 SEK a month

NewsMachine Standard

  • 99 MediaAgent™ (search profiles) with an unlimited number of keywords per agent.
  • Automatic reports via email as often and whenever you want
  • Personal RSS-feed to computer or cellphone with agent results
  • Free Text Search for news as far back as 2004-01-01
  • Access to NewsMachine’s article archive of 12 million article links
  • Free telephone access weekdays between 0800-1700 (CET)
  • Unrestricted number of email-recipients
  • Analysis tool
  • Coverage of official protocol from Swedish municipalities, counties and government/parliament in HTML- Office- and PDF-format.
  • Coverage of circa 180 Swedish newspapers in PDF-format
  • Coverage of sociala media
  • Bevakning svensk och nordisk media samt utvalda internationella källor
  • The results from the agents of the administrator’s choosing can be published via XML, RSS or HTML for integration with third party systems, intra net-systems and portals.
  • Possibility to take out a NewsFeed per Agent
  • Moderator function (User can specify which articles get published)
  • The ability to get statistics over how many visitors you get an on a daily or monthly basis.
  • See which articles are the most read, which sources and agents get the most hits.
  • Three development hours included

Possible additions to Standard:

– SMS-alarm

– Access to expanded international coverage from around 150 000 sources

NewsMachine Standard 1895 SEK per month

NewsMachine Portal

  • Result from the agents that the administrator chooses to publish via for instance: XML, RSS or HTML for integration with own systems, intra-net-systems or portals, like: NewsTicker.
  • Tabs (articles over time/county/newspaper/source)
  • MultiMail directly from the portal (Readers can choose if they want mail-alerts directly from the portal).
  • Log-in possibilities for users in the portal with the option to create their own agents,
  • Creation of sub-pages for greater flexibility when it comes to keywords, categories.
  • Personalized start-page for each registered user,
  • Possibility for an administrator to extract a RSS-flow per agen in the portal for publication in Intranetpages, for personal use or for websites,
  • The ability to get statistics over the number of visitors/pageviews per day and month.
  • See which articles are the most viewed, vich souces and agents are the most visited,
  • Moderator-function (users can choose which articles to publish)
  • The possibility for the administrator to publish their own news in the portal and link news to the intra-net,
  • Five development-hours included

The portal can also integrate with third-party material via FTP- or XML-import.

NewsMachine Portal 1995 SEK per month.

Press releases


PressMachine Basic 695 SEK per month

  • PressMachine gives you the ability to administrate and send out four press releases per year.
  • PressMachine is fully integrated with NewsMachine’s Competitive Intelligence services and requires no separate login.
  • PressMachine gives the user the possibility to prepare press releases and mailing lists ahead of time and schedule it for delivery at a later time.
  • All journalists are sorted by the publication’s geographic area, either per county or municipality. Sorting can also be done by Subject Matter.
  • There is support for importing your own mailing lists via Excel-sheets.
  • All sent press releases are stored in PressMachine, sorted by time, content, recipient and subject matter).
  • NewsMachine offers full support during office hours, 08-17 (CET), on non-holiday workdays by email or phone.

For press releases above the limit of the four per year that are included in PressMachine Basic a cost of 3 500 SEK per release is debited.

PressMachine Standard 2495 SEK per month.

  • The possibility to send and publish an unlimited amount of press releases and news-posts
  • PressMachine gives you the possibility to prepare press releases and mailing lists beforehand and send them out at a later, scheduled date.
  • Recipients are sorted by the editorial office’s geographical location, either by county, city or municipality. Sorting can also be done by subject matter- and/or area of interest.
  • PressMachine is integrated with NewsMachine’s coverage service and requires no separate login.
  • Import your own mailing lists and contacts
  • Export your own mailing lists and contacts.
  • All sent press releases are stored in PressMachine, sorted by time, content, recipient and subject matter.
  • Possibility to integrate press rooms on your own website
  • Access to Google Analytics for in-depth statistics on your newsroom
  • Integration with social media for directpublishing on several platforms simultaneously
  • The fastest servies for simultaneous publication via The sending of financial information
  • Full support weekdays 08-17 (CET)

NewsMachine AI-package

My Mycroft™

Mycroft helps you find relevant recipients for your releases by:

  • Identifying and matching keywords in your press releases to relevant recipients.
  • Matching in real-time against the article-database.
  • Finding journalists that are interested in your message in particular

My Mycroft™ 795 SEK per month

NewsMachine Dashboard

The Flagship in NewsMachine’s AI-ensemble.

  • Automatic tonality analysis of articles
  • Word cloud that shows keywords in your mediaflow
  • Posibility that shows your own analytical models

NewsMachine Dashboard 695 SEK per month

Smart Report

NewsMachines proprietary AI-engine can give you automatic compilations of article contents and present them in a pedagogical and clear way.

  • Which municipalities are mentioned in the article
  • What government entities are mentioned in the article.
  • What ppeople are mentioned in the article
  • What keywords are mentioned in the article

Apart from this, the system also gives an overview of relevant keywords in the article, which helps you narrow down or widen the search as needed to get the better matches.

Smart Report 695 SEK per month

Media Analysis

Media analysis gives you invalueable knowledge towards successful Communication work and to keep what’s being communicated updated and relevant.


  • Situation analysis – what picture does the current state of your company paint?
  • Campaign analysis – what impact will your Communication campaign have?
  • Quarterly- /biannual analyses – How does the media image evovle over time?
  • Taget audience analysis – who do you want to reach and where do you reach them?
  • Industry/subject matter analysis – who are the most important actors & questions within a certain field?