Newsmachine’s Monitoring Service

When you log in to the tool and if there are active agents, you see the hits in chronological order. If you want to see which hits a specific agent has generated, select the current agent in the menu on the right and that agent’s hits are displayed. Then click on the headline to get to the article or post. To the right of the title is a small gear and below it you will find a drop-down menu with various functions: Share, Comment, Archive and more.

Newsmachine Smart report


The Smart Report function is one of our AI tools included in NewsMachine’s larger solutions, but can also be selected as an additional service according to the price list. The function provides an automatic compilation of the content of locked articles and you thus get a good idea of what these are about. Compilation of the information in locked material is the primary purpose but the function, but it can also be used on other material for a quick overview of which keywords have given hits, what related elements are there, the scope of the source and much more. The Smart Report function can be found at the bottom right of the box where the results are presented.

Edit and create security agents

Under the heading Agents, you can edit and create new agents. To add a new agent, select Create Media Agent . Start by naming the agent and under Edit media list select the channels (eg web media, blogs, press releases) that you want the search to include. Here you can also select languages, countries and make a selection of media. When the selections are made, go to Done and then click Apply.

Then you can build the agent yourself and you can read about how to build agents and set up searches in the Agent School. When you are done with the agent, click Search & Save at the bottom of the view and then again when in the window that appears. To edit an agent, go to Edit at Current Agent and make your changes. When you are done, it is important that you select Delete all previous results (start over from the beginning) before you click Search & Save – this is so that there is a backward search based on the latest changes.

External reports

When you receive a user account, a default report is added to the email address under which the account was created – the report is sent at eight o’clock in the morning every day if new hits have been generated. To upload new reports, recipients or edit existing reports, go to the heading “Publish”. To add a new report recipient, select Recipient in the left menu and then Add Recipient. Fill in the information and save. Then go to Reports, select the current report and link the recipient to the agents to be included in his report. In this view, you can make a number of settings, such as the time and frequency of report submissions.

Tools for analysis and graphs

Two tools you can analyze and produce graphs for publicity and these are under the headings Analysis and Dashboard respectively. The former offers automatic reports that quickly and easily give a good picture of what the publicity for, for example, your organization has looked like during a certain period of time. All you have to do is select the agent / agents and select the date for which period the report should cover and then click Update. The system then visualizes, among other things, how the publicity has been distributed over time, how the distribution looks on media type and source. It is also possible to produce reports based on manual processing of the material and to produce different types of diagrams. Dashboard is a more advanced analysis tool based on AI technology. With this, you can, among other things, do automatic tonality analysis and produce advanced word clouds. Read more about Dashboard and the other AI tools under the heading NewsMachine’s AI technology streamlines communication work.