Editorial Services

A lof of time and effort is spent sorting through the enormous informationflow that asasults us on a daily basis through various channels. The purpose of NewsMachine’s editorial services is to provide pratical and operational support within certain parts of the daily communication workload so that you can spent time on answering strategic questions instead. NewsMachine’s editors sort and appraise the information for you and deliver reports that focus on what you need to know and what is critical to your business in regards to pushing your press and communication work to the next level.

Above and beyond what the services are needed from the editor. Their job is also to get to know your business, it’s challenges and pitfalls. Based on this, they will be able to give you the best possible services.

Media report

With NewsMachine’s Media report you’ll be given a digestable overview of the most important media happenings, including social media that touch on your business, put in their proper context. Reports can be recieved without charts and graphs. The reports can be useful as a management report or a way to keep the organization updated on what is being reported in media. The Media report can also be focused towards Competitive Monitoring or follow other competitive actors in a structured way. Reports can of course also be designed entire after your own specifications and sent with whatever frequency suits you best. The report is also readable on cell phones.

Every organization has their own unique challenges and needs, contact us and we will gladly give you suggestions on what needs we think your organization has.