Media Analysis

Media analysis – a comprehensive approach to publicity.


Media analyses are simple tools for you to gain an overview on publicity. What is being written about your organization? Is it positive or negative? Who decides the agenda? Where is the publicty?

Analyses look very different depending on customers needs and circumstances. Publicities volume and complexity of questions are signifiers for your scope (and therefore the price). All analyses kan come to encompass both editorial and social media.

Qualitative media analyses are done mostly manually by one of our experienced media analysts. Quantitative analyses are primarily automatically generated. These can be easily performed by you or left to our analysts for a professional assessment. Click here for some practical tips if you want to try your hand at it.

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Here are some of the analytical services NewsMachine offers:


  • Situation analysis – what picture does the current state of your company paint?
  • Campaign analysis – what impact will your Communication campaign have?
  • Quarterly- /biannual analyses – How does the media image evovle over time?
  • Target audience analysis – who do you want to reach and where do you reach them?
  • Industry/subject matter analysis – who are the most important actors & questions within a certain field?

There’s several reasons to perform an analysis.

Sometimes it about checking your internal image against the external one to make sure they align, other times you might want to be able to present the fruits of the press officer’s labours.

The primary purpose of the media analyses is to create a broad overview of the publicity.

From there you can see how the media image aligns with the PR/Communications plan.

This in turn shows how your communication can improve.

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af3 Media Analysis

Analyses can point at which areas you should prioritize or which measures should be taken to change your media image.


This could help you refine your message or what representation should appear in media.


The Media Analyses help the proactive work through showing what measures have an impact.

Furthermore they bring factors that drive your visibility to the forefront.


NewsMAchine has since the beginning of 2002 worked in Media analysis and we now employ some of the most experienced media analists out there.

Many of our analysis customers are found within authorities, municipalities and also several private companies and interest groups. All of which we have cooperated with through the years. Some of the customers we have had the past few years are The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Pensions Agency, the Employment Service and the Social Insurance Office.