PR- and Communication support.

Certainly you are well aware of the usefulness of proactive PR- and communication work? Maybe it feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to start? Or maybe your current communication work needs a revision? NewsMachine offers it’s customers practical and dependable advice on how to improve your communication. This is to help our customers take the first step towards successful PR- and Communication work.

Get started with your communication work – Strategic and operative

We analyze your organization from a communications-perspective to find the exciting news and the interesting stories in your organization. We look at the way you communicate today, your website for instance, and how it matches the goals you have. What are you target audiences and how do you reach them? Based on this we present strategic guidelines, as well as concrete suggestions on courses of action and what channels best suit your needs.

Communication support for larger organizations that want to affect their media image.

NewsMachine also offers their services to companies that already work professionally with communication and media relations. We do a qualitative analysis of your current public image and miscellaneous communication channels and compare it to your desired goals. With the analysis as a basis NewsMachine presents a suggested plan on how to optimize your PR-work and therefore reach your goals.

Press releases

Many compete over attention across a wide media landscape. But with timing, interesting news, well-thought out content and a correctly formatted text chances of your press release being picked up on and given publicity increase. Our press release services comprise of:


  • The Press Release service PressMachine
  • Research and gathering of information to form the basis for a press release and to place your message into a relevant context.
  • The compilation over your list of recipients is especially source for your organization and your intended message.
  • NewsMachine produces a standard text, a so called boiler plate, selects pictures and writes a press release based on your script.
  • The sending of a press release via PressMachine at an agreed upon time