Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions

1.1. This Agreement (the “Agreement”) contains the complete terms of service relating to the use of the Internet Surveillance Service by an individual or entity. The Services are NewsMachine BASIC or NewsMachine STANDARD, hereinafter referred to as the “Services” offered by NewsMachine AB (“NewsMachine”). When used in this Agreement, “We” means NewsMachine and “You”, “Your” and “Yours” refer to the User. “Site” means all means of viewing the sources electronically, including but not limited to World Wide Websites, intra-nets or extra-nets. “Links” means links, headings, source names, quotes and associated data provided by NewsMachine as part of the Service. By “Publisher” we mean the creators of the articles to which we link. There are no exceptions to the following user agreements.

  1. Acceptance

2.1. By clicking “yes” (or equivalent), the customer has accepted the terms of service for the Service described in this agreement.

  1. The Service

3.1. The Service automatically collects new material from Publishers on the Internet that We have chosen. You can create a number of search profiles, so-called agents. The new material is compared with you search profiles, and if there are any hits you are linked to the new material and one or more quotes from the material in question. You can independently formulate and alter your search profiles.

  1. Your Commitments

4.1. You must choose a personal password which is then used to access the Service’s website. You commit to not disclose your password to third parties and to ensure that any documents containing your password are stored in a secure manner that prevents access to the password from third parties.

4.2. If necessary, notify NewsMachine to block your password by phone 010 – 300 1800 or by email: support@newsmachine.com

4.3. You are expected to abide by applicable copyright laws when you use information available through the Service.

4.4. You are hereby informed that the Service is personal and that you are not authorized to share the Service to third parties, either by publishing the Links on a site or directly forwarding e-mail reports from NewsMachine, unless an agreement has been signed for the NewsMachine Newsfeed or NewsMachine Portal add-ons. If you are interested in using the links in this way, please contact Our sales representative by e-mail: sales@newsmachine.com However, it is of course permissible to write your own reports based on the information NewsMachine found for you and to use the features on the site intended for forwarding results with.

  1. Support for the Service

5.1. NewsMachine provides a support service that is there to help you to a reasonable extent with any questions or problems related to the use of the Service. Unless otherwise stated, our support is open during weekdays, regular office hours (09.00-17.00O CET). Support is closed during all Swedish public holidays. You can contact Support by phone at 010 – 300 1800 or alternatively by email: support@newsmachine.com

  1. Operation of the Service

6.1. The Service is normally operational around the clock, seven days a week, year-round, but disruptions in the Service can still occur. Operations are monitored by on-duty personnel and an automatic alarm system signals when service disruptions occur.

6.2. We do not guarantee that presented information will be available indefinitely, as each source determines availability autonomously, independently from NewsMachine. NewsMachine is not responsible for any information collected from a source.

6.3. We reserve the right to rectify errors and defects in a manner we deem appropriate or shut down the service for upgrades or maintenance.

6.4. We do not guarantee that presented information will be available indefinitely, as each source determines availability autonomously, independently from NewsMachine. NewsMachine is not responsible for any information collected from a source.

6.5. We are not responsible for:

  1. i) Failure, stoppage or other interference that You or any third party is subject or other circumstances beyond NewsMachine’s control;
  2. ii) delay or neglect of the Service due to interruptions in communications networks (e.g mobile and fixed telephony, electricity, the Internet or any other electronic communications network) or parts of such a communications network.

iii) Delay or neglect of the Service due to any other reason outside of NewsMachine’s control.

  1. Changes to the Service

7.1. We reserve the right to make changes to sources that are in used to preserve the Service and it’s operating procedures, technical specifications, systems, etc. You are informed that the Service is subject to on-going development and will change over time.

7.2. The amount of sources on the Internet used to collect information number in the hundreds of thousands. We do not guarantee that all sources are in service at all times. We are not responsible for information that has been gathered from a source. We can at any time remove, add or replace sources.

  1. Disclaimer

8.1. NewsMachine is spared from liability regarding direct or indirect damage or other inconvenience caused by errors in the information, missing or delayed delivery of the Service’s results. NewsMachine is not responsible for any infringements or damages caused to You by a third party.

8.2. NewsMachine will only reimburse You for verifiable and reasonable costs incurred as a direct consequence of the negligence of NewsMachine. Accordingly, You are not entitled to compensation for indirect costs, damages or losses, such as lost profits, unnecessary costs and other consequential damages, even if NewsMachine has been informed of the possibility that such costs may arise. Furthermore, NewsMachine shall have no liability for damages arising from the circumstances described in paragraph 9 below.

8.3. Notwithstanding the above, NewsMachine’s total liability under this agreement is limited to an amount equal to the cost of a (1) year subscription fee in accordance with the applicable price list for the Service.

8.4. A claim for damages is invalid if the case is not filed in court within one year from the date on which the circumstances supporting the claims came to the customer’s knowledge or should have come to the customer’s knowledge.

8.5. You are not entitled to any compensation from NewsMachine other than as clearly stated in this User Agreement.

  1. Exemption from liability

9.1. NewsMachine is not liable for damages, and NewsMachine also has no other liability if NewsMachine can show that the cause of damage or other problems is dependent on circumstances beyond NewsMachine’s control and which NewsMachine cannot reasonably be expected to have predicted nor avoided or escaped the consequences of. The same applies if a contractor, consultant or reseller of NewsMachine is prevented from performing an assignment due to such circumstances.

  1. Payment and billing procedures

10.1. You must pay the subscription fee in advance for the contract period against an invoice from NewsMachine. Furthermore, you must pay the delivery fees that are related to the service. Such fees will be charged in arrears in the manner that NewsMachine considers appropriate if the customer orders delivery of the Service by any means other than by e-mail (eg SMS, MMS or any other mobile message system or letter, fax etc.).

10.2. Payment must be made within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. We are entitled to interest on arrears in accordance with Swedish law and a reminders fee if payment is delayed. The subscription fee and delivery fees must be determined based on the price list applicable at any given time.

  1. Termination of service

11.1. We may suspend you from the Service if, despite your reminder, you have no paid in full for the Service within the time described in paragraph 10, or if you fail to meet your obligations under paragraph (“Your Commitments”) or any other provisions of this agreement.

  1. Subscription Terms

12.1. The subscription will take effect when We have delivered an email containing a confirmation of password after you have ordered the Service from us. The subscription will, unless otherwise agreed, be valid for 12 months and will be renewed automatically unless the Service is terminated in writing at least three months before the end of the 12-month period or other agreed contract period.

12.2. Notwithstanding paragraph 12.1, both parties may terminate this Agreement immediately in writing by letter or fax if:

  1. i) the other party breaches this Agreement and does not compensate for the breach within 14 days of receipt of written complaint received by the other party; or
  2. ii) the other party goes into bankruptcy, settlement, reconstruction, ends up in liquidation or for any other reason is presumed to be unable to pay.

12.3. You will not be entitled to any refund of subscription fees if You cancel your subscription in accordance with this section.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

13.1. All intellectual property rights relating to the Service and the technical solutions relating to the Service are wholly NewsMachine’s or belong to the owner of the rights to all such intellectual property represented by NewsMachine.

13.2. You may not use such intellectual property in any way that has not been approved by NewsMachine.

  1. Transfer of contracts

14.1. This Agreement is personal and you may not assign the rights or obligations mentioned in this Agreement. You are not permitted to grant unlicensed access to the Service or resell it or grant sub-licenses to it.

14.2. We have the right to transfer all or part of this Agreement’s rights and obligations to third parties.

14.3. We have the right to carry out the obligations under this agreement by using subcontractors or other third parties.

  1. Change of Terms

15.1. Changes or additions to these Terms shall enter into force one month after the announcement of such amendment or supplement. However, we always have the right to make amendments and additions that come into effect immediately if such amendments or additions are necessary to remain in accordance with Swedish law, regulations or decisions.

  1. Disputes

16.1. This agreement is governed by Swedish law. Any controversy, dispute or claim arising out of this agreement or in connection with the agreement, or violations, termination or invalidation of the agreement, shall be decided by the Swedish court.



NewsMachine handles personal data provided when procuring the services in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation). The personal information provided in the registration form includes name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.

You hereby grant NewsMachine the right to use Your personal data to administer the subscriptions, present offers and for marketing and development of your own services.

Registration of personal data

NewsMachine stores personal data solely for the purpose of providing the Services. No personal data is disclosed to third parties. NewsMachine does not analyze the use of the services other than at the request of the customer or as part of the Service. NewsMachine only logs into a customer’s account in support cases. Your search profile is entirely confidential and NewsMachine will not disclose any information related to the search profiles unless such is required by law, regulation or a decision by a Swedish authority.

Security measures to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing personal data

Physical access

Computer equipment and removable data media are locked when not under surveillance to protect against unauthorized use, influence and theft. NewsMachine’s data servers are located in a Data-center with 24/7 security staff and a secure access control system.

System access

A technical system for access control exists to control access to personal data for the personal data assistant. The authorization is limited to those who need the information for their work. User identity and password are personal and may not be transferred to anyone else. There are procedures for granting and removing permissions.

Access regarding personal data

In the event that any laptops or such equipment is used in processing, the personal data on fixed and removable storage media is always encrypted.

Access to sensitive and privacy-sensitive personal data requires two-factor authentication.

Access to personal data can be followed up afterwards by logging.

If the repair and service of computer equipment used to store personal data is performed by someone other than NewsMachine, an agreement is reached that regulates security and privacy between NewsMachine and the service company. During service visits, service is done under NewsMachine supervision, and if this is not possible, storage media containing personal data is removed. Service via remote computer communication is only via secure connection and after secure electronic identification of the service provider. Service personnel are granted access to the system only at the time of service.

Access during transfers

Personal data is regularly transferred to backup copies. The copies are stored securely and well protected so that personal data can be restored after a disturbance. Routine for reading is available.

Connection for external data communication is protected by secure connection.

Personal data transmitted via computer communication outside premises controlled by the personal data assistant is protected by encryption.

Storage Policy

Deletion of personal data must take place no later than 30 days from a request for it to be deleted.

For questions regarding the handling of personal data, contact NewsMachine by telephone, 010 – 300 1800 or by e-mail, support@newsmachine.com