Complete PR platform for media monitoring & analysis

With NewsMachine’s media monitoring platform, you get a continuous update on your organization and brands. It also allows you to keep track of your competitors, your industry, and other actors that influence your environment. A flexible reporting tool means that you can easily and efficiently access monitoring results via email or text message whenever you want and as often as you want.

Over 1,000 communication professionals use NewsMachine for media monitoring and analysis

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Media monitoring

Media monitoring is a dynamic process that involves collecting information from different channels and distributing it within your organization. Monitoring can have different focuses: your own organization and its spokespersons, competitors, industries, current issues affecting your business, etc.

The results of the monitoring can also serve as a basis for various types of analysis and measurement. The purpose of these is to get an overall view of media monitoring over time. This in turn leads to new insights that can inform the development of your communication work.

What we monitor

News and media monitoring Keep up to date with the latest media coverage of your organization, brands and industry. With the right data, you can make informed decisions and adapt your strategies.

TV & Radio – What about you on radio and TV? NewsMachine monitors both the digital content associated with the stories and the spoken audio in the stories.

Businesses – Stay ahead of the game by monitoring your competitors’ and partners’ channels – websites and press releases.


Podcasts – Podcasts have become a popular medium that strongly influences the public discourse by delving into topics and trends. We monitor the most active and popular podcasts in different categories.

Authorities and Organizations – Monitor authorities and organizations to detect changes in regulations, legislation and policy changes.

International media monitoring – With our monitoring tool, your organization can monitor hundreds of thousands of sources worldwide in all major languages.

More effective media monitoring with artificial intelligence

One of the biggest challenges today is the huge amount of data that is flooding us through more and more channels at an ever-increasing pace. To facilitate information management, NewsMachine uses various proprietary AI solutions to structure and present the information – all to give you the best possible overview. AI technology also increases the power of our analysis tools and helps you optimize search profiles.

Structured media and business intelligence to support all parts of the organization.

– Manage your brand: By proactively addressing negative feedback and engaging with positive comments, you can build and maintain a strong position for your brand.

– Sharpen your customer service: With structured media monitoring, you can capture signals of negative customer experiences and act proactively on them.

– Effective crisis management: In a crisis, the dissemination of information increases dramatically and the pressure on those managing communications can be overwhelming. Effective media monitoring helps you keep track of the information disseminated following the conversation, which is a prerequisite for successful crisis communication.

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– Decisions based on facts: By analyzing the data collected through media monitoring, you gain valuable insights into your target audience, competitors’ strategies and industry trends. This information helps you to make informed decisions in different parts of your organization. For example, in marketing and sales, product development and communication.

– Competitor monitoring: Get insights into your competitors’ marketing strategies, product launches and messages. Comparative analysis provides how you can position yourself against your competitors. Media monitoring simply helps you stay ahead of the competition and sharpen your own strategies.

Getting started with media monitoring

Media monitoring is basically listening to the conversations going on about you, your organization, your competitors and your industry in different media channels. And with the right analytical tools, you can draw the right conclusions from this conversation.




Whether it’s training, help with setting up and optimizing search strings, or advice on how to get the most out of the service, you can turn to NewsMachine’s dedicated support.


Archive search

For example, if you need to research an issue, you can search our archive of millions of article links from 2004 onwards. It is also possible to create custom folder structures for archived material.


Smart report

Smart report is the name of a function that analyzes all features and articles individually. This results in a report that presents the content and message of a feature, lists keywords, text length, and much more. It gives you a quick overview and detailed information about a feature.



One of the most important aspects of good media monitoring is that all functions in an organization receive the information that corresponds to their specific needs. NewsMachine’s flexible report administration allows you to create reports based on the different monitoring profiles and thus tailor them to different needs.



The NewsMachinse Dashboard allows you to produce various charts and tables on publicity, reach or ad value. AI features allow you to create word clouds and automatic tonality analysis. With a few clicks, you can then download reports in different formats.

news update

News alarms

In addition to ongoing operational media monitoring, alerts are triggered when certain conditions are met. This could be, for example, when the number of registered hits in the surveillance exceeds a certain number in a given period of time.


All prices below are per month and per product, excluding VAT.

More information about media monitoring

Read more about what is included and compare the different subscription packages.

Web media
Local government
Government agencies
Social Media
International monitoring
Search agentsBasicStandardEnterprise
Number of MediaAgents299Unlimited
Number of search words per agent1099Unlimited
Monitor any URL
Monitoring Social Media
Reporting toolBasicStandardEnterprise
Reports per day199Unlimited
Number of recipients of reports199Unlimited
Create advanced report settings
Schedule reports
Reports in real time via email or text messages
Pause reports
Report when the activity exceeds a certain number over a certain time
Personal RSS feed
Moderated NewsFeed in RSS / XML / JSONOptional
API accessOptional
Analysis toolsBasicStandardEnterprise
Smart ReportOptional
Automatic tonalityOptional
QuickTagger for fast manual qualitative analysisOptional
Export of hits and DashboardOptional
Monitoring PortalBasicStandardEnterprise
External portal for 100K + usersOptional
Retrieving hits from NewsMachineOptional
Retrieving material from payment services and internal sourcesOptional
Self-service email for the entire organizationOptional
Moderation of hits in portal and e-mailOptional
Connection / Integration with intranetOptional
Knowledge bank
Consulting hours115
PriceSEK 1 075 / monthQuotationQuotation