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Get started with PressMachine

Here is our guide to getting started quickly with PressMachine, our mailing service.

Login to the system

If users subscribe to both surveillance and press releases, the user enters MACHINE , which is the admin interface for our external surveillance service. Click PRESS in the header to get to PressMachine.

Create press release

Here you can enter text in your press release. There are two fixed fields for images. One for logo image and one for introductory image. You can upload directly from a computer or select an image from the image bank.

Keep in mind that everything you upload to the system is hidden by default. If you want press releases to be visible and searchable, select “Visible” at the bottom.

Distribution lists

Distribution lists can be created and edited under the “Distribute” tab in the left margin. It is also possible to import ready-made lists. Our tool can also suggest relevant journalists, based on the content of the press release. The lists are by default divided into private resp. public lists.

The user can also choose to spread the press release via their social media. Of course, the user can also share posts afterwards from their press room via the predefined share buttons.

Administration of images and media

Today, there are two different ways to upload materials and pictures in the press service. Everything that is uploaded in “create press release” is automatically hidden in the press room.

In order for images etc. to be visible in the public image bank, the user must make an active choice to set that particular image / images as visible. “Not visible” is filled in by default in the system. This applies to both photos, films and press releases.

The same applies to eg pdf documents, word files and more, which can be handled under “Documents” in the left menu.

PressMachine’s journalist database

PressMachine’s journalist database contains approximately 12,000 Swedish journalists who have published articles in the Swedish media since 2015-05-01. These are sorted by, among others: Subject area, County, Municipality, City.

In addition to free text search, we can also offer a large number of ready-made distribution lists.

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