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MyCroft – Discover new media contacts!

MyCroft is Newsmachine’s own developed tool for finding the right media contacts for your press releases. It works by selecting one of your press releases and letting MyCroft analyze the message and generate a list of suggested media contacts.

  • Click Press in the top menu
  • Click Mycroft in the top menu
  • Select Press release in the menu
  • Select time period, use to filter out journalists we have not observed since the selected date. This ensures that you are not given addresses to inactive journalists. The default value is 12 months, which usually works well for most subjects.
  • Press Feedback
MyCroft has identified important terms in the Press Release. The words are clickable to enable manual weighting.
  • The feedback page allows you to fine-tune the Mycroft search (optional step)
  • Add additional search terms in the box at the top right (optional step)
  • Click once to show that a word is extra important. Click twice to ignore a word in the search. (optionally)
  • Click on the MyCroft Report-associated entry
MyCroft Report gives you an overview of the interest in your topic in the media
  • Use MyCroft Report to evaluate your word choice and find audiences for your messages.
  • Click Create Distribution List to view the list of media contacts
List of media contacts that match the press release. Use the filter box to narrow the result by keyword, county, media type, or publication.
  • In the picture above, you see a list of media contacts, they arranged in order according to how likely it is that they are interested in your press release.
  • Use the search function selected to search by keyword, county, media type or publication.
  • Review contacts by clicking “View Analysis” to see why that contact is recommended by MyCroft.
In the analysis above, we can see that Linnea has written about external monitoring three times in recent years
  • This opens a list of terms that the journalist has used. Click on the word to see the articles where the term is mentioned. In the picture above, we have clicked on the term “surveillance” and got a list of 3 documents.
  • Click on the latest document to view all the latest articles written by the contact.
In the example above, we have selected 5 contacts by clicking on them in the list. This opens up the menu for saving to Distribution List, where you can either choose to create a new one or save to existing list
  • Click on the contacts you want to save to the Distribution List
  • Select an existing list or select an appropriate name for a new list
  • If you tick “Include editorials”, the editorial address of the magazine will also be added to the distribution list.
  • Click “Save x Contacts” to save your selected contacts
  • Clear!
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