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What is digital surveillance?

It started with the Internet exploding

The Internet is still a relatively young medium that is growing at an explosive pace both in size and in importance as a source of information. More and more newspapers are publishing more and more material on the Internet. The same development takes place in companies. Today, people expect companies to have their own website and the Internet has consequently become an increasingly important place for companies to be seen. Chat rooms and blogs are also examples of the importance of the Internet as a source of information.

New challenges in a changing world

However, this development is not entirely without problems. In the huge amount of information published on the Internet, it is difficult to always find relevant information. For many people, the concept of information stress is one
fact. Information stress is about the fear of not having time to get through all the information that crosses one’s path and thus being afraid of missing out on what is important in all the information. Time also costs money. It is expensive to install
down time to go through large amounts of information that do not prove to be relevant in the end.

The change is taking place at an ever faster pace in the complex,
and changing world we live in. Reasons according to Per Frankelius, who is, among other things, a researcher at Örebro University, are the increasing globalization, which in turn is connected with the spread and development of the Internet.

Today, it is of utmost importance for entrepreneurs to understand their surroundings, identify changes early and act forcefully in the right way. It is no longer enough to have the fastest and most efficient production process to win over competitors, but as an entrepreneur today it is increasingly about being information efficient.

New tools for new times

The companies that offer services in external coverage have traditionally mainly focused on coverage of paper newspapers.

It is a time-consuming and expensive service that is primarily bestowed on large companies. With the development of the Internet, a new need has developed. A need for
that external monitoring companies also monitor digital sources. Modern surveillance of the outside world thus focuses on the Internet as sources of information in its surveillance. These services are far from as time-consuming as traditional external monitoring and meet the requirements for rapid information to a much greater extent. Within ten minutes of the information being published on the web, it can reach the user with the help of digital surveillance tools.

The tools used are dynamic search engines that, on behalf of the customer, search through digital sources for documents that match the search profile, also called an agent, defined by the customer.

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