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View and manage hits in the inbox

Newsmachine’s Inbox or Inbox is the first thing a user sees after logging in. Here news and meetings from all search agents are gathered in a chronological flow.

Filter hits

By default, hits from all agents are displayed with the most recent at the top. The inbox offers a number of functions for making a selection among the hits.

Select agents

inbox agent select
Select agents or agent groups to view matches from in the menu on the left.

In the left menu you can see all your agents and agent groups, click to show only hits from a single agent group or agent. (Tip. agent groups are a great way to organize your meetings, add new ones under Agent Groups )

Filter by time period, country, language or media channel

Open the first filter menu by clicking on the filter button.

inbox filter button
View more filter options by clicking the Filter button

This opens up the expanded filter menu.

inbox filter menu
The expanded filter menu

In the expanded filter menu you will find four different filters

  • Channels – Newsmachine’s sources are divided by type of media channel, choose which channels you want to show hits from here.
  • Languages – Newsmachine monitors many different languages, change here if you only want to show hits from certain languages
  • Countries – Newsmachine monitors sources in many different countries, change here if you only want to show hits from certain countries.
  • Date – In the date box, you can select which time interval you want to view matches from. Click once to bring up the box. Then select start date and end date and Use to confirm.

The menu also has four buttons

  • Refresh – Confirms the selected options and updates the hit list
  • Show All – Clears all filters in the menu and shows all hits
  • Previous – Displays the previous time period, use to step back between time periods.
  • Next – Displays the next time period, use to step forward between time periods.

Tip: Some combinations of filters can take a very long time for the system to calculate if you have many hits, a tip is to specify a shorter time period to get a faster response.

Manage hits

In addition to viewing matches, the inbox offers a number of tools for further processing of the matches. You will find these tools next to each hit in the list.

inbox menu 3
Next to each meeting you will find tools for further treatment

Archive / Save clips

If you want to save a hit for later advanced analysis, you can press Archive. Then a menu will appear where you can select the folder and tags for your match.

inbox save clip dialog
Save clip dialog

Share hit

In the inbox you will also find a function to quickly share a meeting via e-mail or social media. Press share hit and then select “Share via Email” or “Share on Social Media”

inbox share 1
Inbox sharing menu

You can select one or more recipients from your registered recipients or add a new address under “Add recipients”. Fill in any message to be sent with the hit. Press send, a confirmation box should appear within a few seconds.

Delete hit

If an irrelevant hit has appeared, you can press delete in the menu. Then the match will no longer appear in the inbox or appear in analyzes or reports. If you get many irrelevant hits, you can check out our guide

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