Our Services

NewsMachine offers a wide selection of digital PR-tools. We strive to be a comprehensive supplier within these areas that can see to all your needs for Competitive Intelligence and Press communication. With great technical expertise within the company we constantly work on new services and work to improve the current ones. If you have ideas about how we can continue to push forward we are more than happy to take suggestions, in order to improve even further. We believe in transparency and ask you therefore to not fill in your contact information in order to get a quotation from a predetermined estimate. Instead, we present our prices below, conspicuously and openly. All the prices are per month and per product, excluding VAT.

Competitive Intelligence

With Newsmachine’s competitive intelligence software, you can monitor large amounts of information in real time. We monitor social media, blogs and over 160.000 traditional media from all over the world.

* Max 99 agents / 200 keywords

Press Release

PressMachine is NewsMachine’s service for Press releases & Pressrooms. Use our AI engine to find the media contacts that are interested in your message.

* Thereafter SEK 2,500 / mailing

Newsmachine AI Package

Here are some of our interesting additional services. The AI ​​engine My Mycroft ™, Dashboard and Smart Report ™.

Consultation services

This is where Newsmachine’s consulting services are listed. We cannot give fixed prices for these services, but send an estimate after a call about how extensive the assignment is.